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Ensuring the quality of pharma products is not enough to guarantee the sales of pharma products. Focusing on the packaging and labeling of pharma products is an equally important aspect of contract manufacturing. At Cosmederma we have employed a team of creative designers collaborating with clients to craft visually engaging and compliant designs that align with brand identity and regulatory standards. Our team of designers works hard to give their best and cater to all the requirements of clients.

We encourage collaborative efforts with the support of our clients to create label designs that reflect the brand’s identity and resonate with the target market. Our labels and designs also meet the stringent requirements set by regulatory bodies. Artwork development has a major contribution in making the products appealing, shaping the consumer perception, and creating marketing appeal which has a direct influence on the success of a pharmaceutical company.

Artwork development
key points regarding Artwork development

Key points regarding Artwork Development

Artwork development holds way more importance than we assume it does. The key points regarding the Artwork development in contact manufacturing are mentioned as follows:

 Label and Packaging Design: Labels are an integral part of the packaging and comprise all the useful information related to medicine. Our artwork is crafted in compliance with all the regulations and norms while also being visually appealing.

Regulatory Compliance: The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products. All our artwork is designed as per the regulations set by the regulatory bodies and organizations. All our products mention the correct information regarding the dosage and composition of the medicine.

Branding and Marketing Alignment: Artwork designed by our graphic experts is crafted by the client’s brand identity, conveying the intended message, target market, and brand positioning. The artwork includes logos, colors, fonts, and other visual elements about the client’s requirements.

 Print-Ready Files: The artworks approved by the clients are translated into print-ready files that can be easily reproduced for labeling and packaging production. All these files meet all the pricing standards and formats required by the printing and packaging process.

Collaboration and Approval: The artwork development usually involves the coordination of the client and our artwork experts to ensure that all the labels meet the expectations of the clients. The artwork may go through several modifications before getting final approval from the client for mass manufacturing.

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