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Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a cost-effective way to outsource the production of medical devices, components, and pharmaceutical products to a third party and resell the product under your brand name. However, finding the right and reputable company is important to source high quality products for the increased sales and reputable position in the market. At Cosmederma Remedies we have an extensive experience in offering contract manufacturing services to all the aspiring pharma professionals or distributors. Our contract manufacturing services offer a wide array of benefits such as cost efficiency, flexibility in production capacity, and the avoidance of huge capital investments in manufacturing infrastructure. We have become a preferable choice for getting contract manufacturing services and supplying a diverse range of pharma molecules in different forms of tablets, syrups, injectables and a wide range of derma products.

formulation development

Formulation Development

Contract manufacturing in the context of formulation development refers to the outsourcing of the development, production


Sampling in contract manufacturing is a pivotal stage that involves creating prototype versions of the intended product
Artwork development

Artwork Development

Artwork development in contract manufacturing is a pivotal aspect focusing on the creation of visual elements, such as labels
key points regarding Trademark guidance

Trade-Mark Guidance

Trademark guidance in contract manufacturing is an essential facet that focuses on preserving brand identity and safeguarding
Promotional inputs development

Promotional Inputs Develpment

Promotional inputs development is a pivotal process in marketing and branding


Marketing has an indispensable role in cementing a strong position of any brand in the market. Cosmederma remedies utilizes several marketing strategies for raising awareness, establishing brand identity, and facilitating the successful commercialization of medical products. Our marketig strategies are designed to maimize the reach of our derma product range to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders. We walk hand in hand with traditional as well as the digital way of marketing to significantly boost our brand visibility across various regions in India. Our marketing campaigns give an honest and clear idea about our manufacturing operations and invite aspiring pharma professionals for PCD Franchise and contract manufacturing services.

promotional inputs

Promotional Inputs

In marketing, promotional inputs encompass a diverse range of materials and strategies aimed at engaging audiences
Immediate Dispatches

Immediate Despatches

Immediate despatches in marketing signify the swift and efficient delivery of products or services to customers, emphasizing
Customized formulations

Customized Formulations

Customized formulations in marketing represent a targeted and strategic approach to product development, tailored to meet
ready inventory

Ready Inventory

In marketing, ready inventory represents a company’s stock of products that are readily available for immediate sale or distribution.


Branding in marketing encapsulates the strategic process of creating a distinctive identity, perception, and emotional connection
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