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Luliconazole is an antifungal salt that helps prevent skin allergies caused due to fungal infections. The salt shows the best results in treating ringworms, fungus spread, and athlete’s foot.
The fungal infection’s spread is wide and contagious means it quickly spreads from person to person. It infects the skin cells, damages the cell membranes, and causes excessive irritation and rashes on the skin. The application of Luliconazol is also suggested in the case of ringworms. The ringworm is shaped like a ring and there is a red rash development around. These skin issues may cause a burning sensation and inflammation of the skin.

Mechanism of Luliconazole

Mechanism of Luliconazole

Luliconazole, an antifungal reduces the action of fungal cells by causing holes in its cell membrane. As it leads to the killing of fungal cells, the DNA of the fungus is infected. The overall benefits are observed with relief in itching and busing sensations. It protects the cells of the body by preventing their leakage by creating an upper layer of protection.
Luliconazole is a dermatologically tested pharmaceutical salt that is combined into various forms such as tablets and creams.

Precautions with Luliconazole

Cosmederms Remedies is here to help you with the precautions of Luliconazole.
In Tablet Forms
Take the tablets as per the recommendation.
Try intermixing the dose with any other drug.
Luliconazole in a Cream Base
Apply the cream on clear skin.
Do not apply more than 3 times a day.

precaution with lulliconazole

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