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Minoxidil salt helps in the treatment of hair loss. It strengthens the roots and increases the blood flow towards the scalp. Minoxidil treats hereditary hair loss and hair thinning problems.
The Minoxidil salts are generally composed in the form of a solution which is needed to apply directly on the roots. You can use it every day preferably at night. The application should be on the roots so the solution is absorbed by the follicles and starts its working process. Potential use of it may offer the desired result within 2 weeks. A person can then notice a new hair growth and the hairfall will be less.
As you use the Minoxidil solution we recommend not to use any chemical-based shampoo or heating devices to protect the hair from damage. This will make the hair grow permanently but only when used as per the suggestion of the doctor.

Minoxidil overview
working of Minoxidil

Working of Minoxidil

Minoxidil increases the potassium level in the scalp. Its generation expands the blood vessels therefore a required amount of blood flow is offered to the scalp. As the blood flow is enhanced, the oxygen in hair follicles increases. This prevents hair loss and the follicle’s death. It strengthens the hair, makes it thick, and treats alopecia.

After Effects is Minoxidil

Users may experience

  • Rash
  • Irritation
  • Dermatitis

Excessive hair growth.

effects of Minoxidil

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