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Cosmederma Remedies offers the outsourcing of high-quality derma products through the development, production, and packaging of a product’s formulation to a third-party manufacturer. This is also referred to as formulation development in the context of contract manufacturing in the pharma industry. We bring about formulation development by formulating a specific composition for a product, determining its ingredients, their quantities, and the manufacturing process required to produce the desired end product.

At Cosmederma we stringently follow the regulatory compliances and standards about the formulation development and services related to it. We constantly stay in touch with our contract manufacturing associates and openly discuss the expectations, responsibilities, quality standards, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and other crucial aspects related to contract manufacturing.

formulation development

Process of Formulation Development

Formulation development comprises several steps undertaken to complete the process. Read through the steps to gain more insights into the formulation development of our derma product range.

Initial Consultation: The process begins with the discussion of product concept, requirements, and goals with the contract manufacturer. The client or contract manufacturer gives an overview of the products including several crucial aspects of formulation development.

Formulation Design: The second involves formulation that meets the specified criteria of the client. At Cosmederma we fully cater to the demands and requirements of the client.

Prototype Development: After the formulation design, the next step comprises prototype development. In this step samples and prototypes are created to allow the client to assess the product’s performance, quality, and other factors.

Optimization: The feedback from the client enables our experts to readjust the sampling or make the required changes. This helps in optimizing the performance, stability, and efficacy of the pharma products.

Scale-Up and Manufacturing: Once the client gives a green flag and the formulation is finalized we scale up the manufacturing process while ensuring adherence to the quality norms.

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