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Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol 0.26. w/v (Skin Cleansing Lotion)

Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol is a body lotion manufactured by Cosmoderma remedies. This is a medicated lotion that helps in the prevention of dry skin that may be caused due to low hydration levels. This pharmaceutical product helps in the nourishment of the skin by reducing the itchiness and flakes which are produced on the skin. This happens mostly in the winter season when the body stops producing natural oil as there is a lack of moisturization in the skin. It helps get rid of all these issues, it is necessary to include dermatological solutions in the routine.

The body lotion is accompanied by Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol which bares the true ingredients that benefit the skin by reducing dryness up to 100 % and providing intense relief freezing the itchiness for up to 24 hours but one can use the lotion more than twice if they feel dryness in the skin. If the aid is used in an appropriate manner, it will surely give the best results, and it is so because the lotion forms an oily layer on the skin which doesn’t let the oil of the body fades away. 

With all the benefits, if the  Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion is overused it may also produce some the side effects too such as redness on the skin, development of rashes, it may also produce some of the acne, or bumps on the skin if applied on the face, hence it is advisable not to apply it on the face, especially near the eyes, ratchet it may produce some of the adverse effects such as the development of red patches. 

Composition of Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion 

The lotion is composed of two components namely, Cetyl alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol. These both belong to the mixture of fatty alcohol which includes predominantly cetyl (16 C) and stearyl alcohols (18 C). This combination is termed fatty alcohol.

Medicinal Benefits of Cetyl Alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion 

The body lotion belongs to the class of water-soluble solution which helps in the prevention of my issues of the skin thereby benefiting the consumer.

  • It is a water-based solution.
  • Maintains the pH levels of the skin.
  • Keep the skin hydrated for a long time.
  • Keep the itchiness away.
  • Prevents the whites flake development.
  • Provides nourishment for almost 24 hours.
  • Can be used more than twice.
  • Protects the layer by forming an oily layer.
  • Do not let the moisture of the skin fade away because of the dry wind.

Application Guide of Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion 

There are some necessary steps that one needs to follow while using the lotion.

Step 1

Clean the skin with a hydrating soap.

Step 2 

Take the appropriate amount of lotion and put it on the skin.

Step 3

Massage until the lotion is absorbed by the skin.

Precautions with Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion 

There are some necessary precautions that one needs to follow with the use of the lotion.

  • Do not overuse it just to get moisturized skin.
  • Do not wipe off the lotion just so you can feel the oil.
  • Keep the skiing away from the dust and sunlight for at least 30 minutes of application.
  • Do not use the lotion if you are facing any allergies.
  • The lotion is not for the use of babies.

Side Effects of Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion 

There are some side effects too that may develop with the use of the lotion.

  • Irritation may be caused.
  • Skin can feel too oily.
  • Redness can be caused.
  • Itchiness may occur.
  • A burning sensation can be caused.
  • Inflammation can occur.
  • Allergies may develop.

Remember that the effects are different for each people, do not comp[are the effects.


Keep the Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note –  Cetyl alcohol +Stearyl Alcohol Lotion is for external purposes only. 

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