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Luliconazole 1% w/w Lotion

Packing 30ml

Luliconazole 1% Lotion – Luliconazole is an antifungal topical that is a division of a class of drugs called azole antifungals. This lotion is used to treat skin infections caused by fungus on different parts of the body. The working structure of Luliconazole serves as a prevention to the growth of fungus. With the brand name Luzil, this lotion is available at the Top Manufacturer and Supplier of Derma Products, Cosmemderma Remedies at the most affordable prices.

Luliconazole is used in the treatment of ringworm; a fungal skin infection that causes a red flaking rash on various parts of the body, jock itch; a fungal skin infection in the groin or buttocks, and athlete’s foot; a fungal skin infection on the feet and between the toes. The topical contains powerful fungicidal functions against Trichophyton, a genus of fungi that causes fungal infections.

In order to treat the symptoms of athlete’s foot, luliconazole is usually applied once a day for two weeks. Whereas, during the treatment of Jock Itch and Ringworm, this medication is applied for one week daily. Make sure to consult the doctor before treating the skin infection to ensure accurate usage of the medication. Have a precise study of the instructions specified on the leaflet and use it as per the directions of the doctor or dermatologist. Do not let this lotion get into the eyes, mouth, nose, and vaginal area.

Before using this lotion, clean and dry the infected area accurately. Apply enough amount of the medication all over the area and rub it with a gentle touch. Wash your hands after applying the medication unless the infection is on the hands. If the symptoms of itching, stinging, redness, or irritation emerge on the area where the medication is placed, immediately inform the doctor.

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