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Minotal 2

Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion

Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion by Cosmederma is one that is known to provide treatment against severe cases of alopecia. There are mechanisms that promote the actual cause of the issues but with the regular use of the dose, it can be noted that one will see the beneficial results with the regular application. It works by producing more follicles of hair thereby providing them, with intensified nutrition properties. This salt composition is beneficial as it slows the process of blading and controls hair fall too. It provides oxygen to the hair follicles and maintains the hair quality too.

Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion has to be used by the person with the maintenance of precautions such as not using too much oil in the hair. Their lotion works on the mechanics of increasing the blood flow which promotes the oxygen supply to the hair thereby making them healthy and thick, It is necessary to follow prevention, and for this purpose, one needs to look for advice from the doctor and also maintaining be the intake of the diet and consume more foods that are associated with the better hair growth such as amla, etc. 

As one becomes friendly with the use of Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion,  he may get introduced to the after-effects of the application that promoted the health issues. There are areas which it may severely affect such as the person may feel of itchy scalp, sweaty skin, inflammation, and also one can face the development of dandruff. To get rid of the side effects, kindly associate with the doctor and inform about you each and every symptom that is causing harm. This will only treat the alopecia that has occurred naturally and not genetically, such as less hair by birth. It is important that you keep a check on the doctor. Do not apply this to the children.


  • Alopecia Areata
  • Androgenetic Alopecia.

Use of Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion

There are many benefits of the solution as described but remember that these will offer the benefit only when the person carries the precautions along. This will beneficially provide better results and maintain the hair health of the person too.

  • Rejuvenates the hair follicles.
  • Stimulates hair re-growth.
  • Maintains the new hair
  • Stops the process of additional hair loss.
  • It offers the production of better follicle growth.
  • Helps in the generation of new hair.
  • Maintain the thickness of the hair.
  • Opens the channels of the hair vessels and therefore offers better oxygens in order to help it grow.

Precaution of Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion

Following the precaution will offer you the statement of the production of the desirable hair growth. We have mentioned the precaution below kindly have a look.

  • It is important that you must clean your hair on regular basis.
  • Do not overuse the hair lotion.
  • If you are facing the issue of hair loss even after the application, associate with the doctor.
  • Consume a healthy diet.
  • Do not apply the lotion if you have an infection of the scalp.

Side Effects of Minoxidil 2% w/v Lotion

There are very few side effects of the lotion. These are mentioned below.

  • Itchy Scalp
  • Dryness in hair
  • Formation of dandruff


Keep the product store in a cool and dry place.

Note- The lotion is only for external use.

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