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Aclix Lb

Allantion 0.25% w/w + Vit E 0.25% w/w + Tea Tree Oil 0.5% w/w Soap ( For Acne prone & Oily Skin )

This soap is helping people by reducing Acne, Pimples, and Skin-related problems. Aclix Soap is a soap that can become a real remedy for your skin. For doing this, this soap uses the three effective biochemical components and these three components are Allantoin 0.25% w/w + Vit E 0.25% w/w + Tea Tree Oil 0.5% w/w. These three are there to solve different skin-related problems in a very effective way. Aclix is providing the best solution for your skin-related problem just by providing one soap.

These three Allantoin, Vitamin E, and Tea tree oil constituents are used by Aclix and these compounds get extracted from a natural source. That is why you have not to doubt the product’s quality. Aclix wants to solve the most of problems just by adding a product to daily life. Because everyone in this era needed to go outside and must have to face a polluted environment and bacterial environment which can be very problematic to your skin. That is why Aclix introducing this soap to deal with these kinds of problems. Now talk about constituents they used and how it helps

Benefits of Allantoin Integrating with Vit E & Tea Tree Oil as Soap

Allantoin is a very used compound in dermal products due to its benefits. This compound is very is mainly found in Comfrey Shrub and it can grow up to 5 feet. This shrub mainly grows in the part of Asia, Europe, and North America. And it has come with chemical compounds that can grow skin cells. That is why Aclix uses Allantion in their soap.

The benefits of the Allantion compound is as given below

  1. It can be helpful in relaxing Muscle Sprains.
  2. It can be very helpful in reducing the bruises
  3. It is also helpful to those who have joint inflammation
  4. It is also helpful during the burn.

Benefits of Vit E Integrating with Allantoin & Tea Tree Oil as Soap

Vitamin E is a very necessary nutrient for our body and we have to maintain it by taking a balanced diet. But sometimes some external factors affect your skin like sunlight radiation, pollutants, etc. So for protecting your skin from these problems, Aclix infused Vitamin E. And like the Allantion compound, it is also get extracted from plant-based sources. These are mainly get extracted from nuts, spinach, whole grains, olive oil, and sunflower oil

Vitamin E has the property of a Fat-Soluble Antioxidant which is helpful in dealing with the sun’s radiation by acting as a free-radical scavenger.

These are the main benefits of Vitamin E in Aclix soap.

  1. It provides moisture to the skin.
  2. It reduces dryness and itching.
  3. It helps in promoting wound healing.

Tea tree oil benefits after integrating with Allantoin and Vit E as Soap

Tea tree oil has a very important ingredient in Aclix Shoap it helps to deal with most skin-related problems. This oil is generally extracted by the process of distillation of the leave of tea trees and this tree is most found in the swampy southeast coast of Australia.  This oil is a very good antiseptic and is mostly used to kill surface germs. Having this compound in Aclix Shoap is like god’s gift.

These are the main problem that Tea Tree oil solve

  1. Tea tree oil has properties that can solve the Acne problem.
  2. It can also help to reduce skin rashes.
  3. It can also help you while fighting the Dandruff
  4. It can also help you in dealing with lice and scabies

Benefits of using Allantoin, Vit E, and Tea tree oil as Soap

By combining these three ingredients Aclix is creating a miracle, because it will help you reduce many skin-related problems which people are dealing with on a daily basis. If you are still thinking about why to use this product then these are the few advantages of Aclix Shoap which are mentioned below.

  1. Aclix Soap provides a hygienic wash by maintaining moisture balance.
  2. This product maintains the natural moisture of the skin while doing the cleaning process.
  3. It gently washes the toxins and pollutants from the skin’s surface
  4. It provides freshness and a cool sensation.


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