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Wycal D3

Calcium Carbonate 500mg + Elemental Calcium 200mg +Vitamin D3 500 IU

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Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets manufactured by Cosmoderma Remedies is a multivitamin pharmaceutical drug that helps in maintaining the levels of vitamins and calcium in the body. It cures the deficiency which occurred due to poor consumption of diet. This leads to plenty of problems such as osteoporosis, weakness, bones losing their strength, fatigue, and problematic symptoms seen while walking. With the right consumption of the medicine, one can get rid of all the issues which are caused due to the lack of proper nutrition in the body. The dose provides all the required amount of nutrition as it is the form of a supplement that contains traces of salt which is a necessity for the body. 

Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets work by treating severe levels of body conditions that care responsibly for the lower energy levels. The aid treats the issues such as rickets, bone weakness, and specifically the deficiency caused by the absence of vitamin D3. one is required to follow some of the necessary precautions with the regular use of medicines such as, one is required to eat nutritious food which does not cause any digestive issues. Consumption of alcohol is also strictly restricted, there are some more rules too such as lactating mothers or pregnant women should only take tablets if it is strictly suggested by the doctor, else do not take them, as they might be harmful. 

The pharmaceutical aid is very much beneficial but if the consumption of Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets is done on the regular basis without the recommendation, one might develop side effects such as digestive issues, headache, nausea, dizziness, and a few more. Hence it is very much important to follow the instructions of the doctor while on the medication. Taking the dose on time, without missing one is also appropriate for the generation of utmost benefits. Follow the instructions of the clinician properly in order to cure the health on an immediate basis. 

Composition of Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets

The pharmaceutical aid is composed of three different types of salts namely, Calcium Carbonate, Elemental Calcium, and Vitamin D3. Below is the detail mentioned about all the used contents. 

Calcium Carbonate 

The requirement of salt in the form of supplements is necessary in order to prevent health issues. It is used in the quantity of 500 mg and it is necessary for the body as it helps keep the nervous system, bones, and muscles healthy, thereby keeping the body fit. 

Elemental Calcium

The quantity of salt used is 200 mg. It cures many issues that occur due to the loss of elemental calcium. One may notice a reduction in rickets, and hypoparathyroidism which further results in strong bones and moreover increased energy levels. 

Vitamin D3

It is used with the contents of 500 IU and this primarily helps in managing the levels of vitamins only. If the deficiency occurs, it can cause many issues such as fatigue but this can be cured. 

Benefits of Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets

The aid helps the person in many ways, these are mentioned below. 

  1. A higher percentage of Elemental calcium than other calcium salts.
  2. Overcomes negative calcium balance & improves BMD.
  3. Ensure maximum calcium absorption.
  4. Decreases bone mineralization.


  1. Pregnancy/Lactation
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Osteomalacia
  4. Osteopenia
  5. Fractures
  6. Renal Osteodystrophy
  7. Hypocalcemia

Side Effects of Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets

There are some side effects too which may occur with the consumption of the dose, hence it is necessary to take the tables under the supervision of the clinician only. 

  • One may experience headaches.
  • Nausea can occur too.
  • Digestive issues may develop.
  • Constipation may develop.
  • A stomach ache may be noticed.
  • The patient can feel dizzy.

Precautions with Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 Tablets

There are some precautions thwart vare required to be followed by the patient.

  • Take the dose on time.
  • Do not miss any tablets.
  • Do  not overdose,
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • If you are pregnant, take the dose only on the clinician’s advice only. 


Keep the Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 tablets in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Note- Calcium Carbonate + Elemental Calcium  +Vitamin D3 tablets are only for external use. 

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