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Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream

These days bacterial infections are the most common infection and the bacteria which come in the categories of Propionibacteria can create acne at the infected place and to eradicate this type of bacteria Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream can be very effective. This cream is a topical solution which means it can be applied on the surface of the skin only and this medicine comes under the category of categories of antibiotics which means it is very effective for bacterial infection.

We can encounter bacteria anytime and can get infected by them to protect ourselves from such infections we need antibiotics but some bacteria can cause internal infection and some cause external infection and to deal with the different-different types of infection we use different ways of administrating the drug or the medicine and the way to treat this particular drug is topical and that is why it is used for external infections and it is very effective too because this way of administration the drug can skip the metabolizing process and can direct attack in the bacteria.

Mechanisms of Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream

Different-different antibiotics use different- different ways to kill different types of bacteria and every antibiotic has its own mode of action some inhibit the protein synthesis for killing bacteria and some damage the cell wall of bacteria and Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream is used to kill the bacteria which come under the category of Propionibacteria.

Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream mode of action starts when it binds the 50s ribosomal subunit of bacteria and in doing so it disturbs the protein synthesis by interfering with the reaction of transpeptidation and because of that it stops the first starting chain of elongation. This is very much required by the bacteria for the formation of the protein and protein is an essential part that is required by the bacteria to perform their vital functions.

Benefits of Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream

You can have different advantages while having this medication because this medication will not only stop the bacterial growth it will eradicate it from the route and you will get your good-looking and shining skin again. These are benefits that you can have during this medication.

  1. This cream is transparent and very effective for treating bacterial infections.
  2. This topical solution is very effective in the case of acne.
  3. If medication can be used with our medication as per doctor’s prescriptions.

Side effects of Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream

Proteins are the very essential nutrient required by the body to perform many essential functions and this particular cream inhibits certain protein synthesis in bacteria and by doing this it kills those bacteria but it can also affect the same category of proteins that are available in our body and make some adverse effects. These are some side effects from which you suffer after the application of this cream.

  1. Itching is one of the side effects which you can get.
  2. Burning sensation and redness on the skin may be possible.
  3. In some cases, oil skin is also found as a side effect of Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream.

Direction to use Clindamycin 1% w/w Cream

You should only apply this cream if you are advised by the doctor and there is a way to use this cream properly and by following that you can take more benefits from this cream. So follow these directions while using clindamycin 1% w/w cream.

  1. Apply this cream twice in one day.
  2. Do not apply this cream where there is a cut or wound.
  3. Before applying this cream to the infected area wash it and dry it properly then apply a thin layer of this cream.
  4. If accidentally it gets applied to any of the sensitive parts of your body clean it with cold water.
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