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Tacrolix Forte

Tacrolimus 0.1% w/w Ointment

Tacrolimus 0.1% w/w Ointment manufactured by Cosmederma Remedies is one of the best drugs ones can use to get rid of many skin infections. This is a superior-quality ointment made with the composition of Tacrolimus 0.1%, as this salt comes under the immunosuppressants category hence, it is important to use it safely on the surface of the skin only and in external circumstances. This work in the treatment of Atopic dermatitis which is very commonly called eczema and can also be applied under the skin condition of  Vitiligo which is the occurrence of white patches all over the body. Although this problem is uncontrollable it can definitely slow down it process. 

Salt is strictly used only for the treatment of harmful skin conditions and not the other problems such as the occurrence of acne, pimples, blemishes, etc. this neither works nor will cause negative effects on the skin. Also, the application of Tacrolimus salts is prohibited on the face. It is because the skin of the face is very much sensitive and the application of it can cause a lot of irritation and patches too. One who is recommended this use is requested to follow awesome of the necessary precautions in order to avoid the impact. 

There are some side effects too of Tacrolimus salt such as itchiness, flaky skin, redness, and more, hence it is advised to apply only with the consultation of a doctor. This usage of the skin cream during pregnancy can cause nausea due to the smell and also it is advised not to use ointment on the acne to be harmful; for them. The occurrence of sick itchiness happens thy the contact with the bacterial environment hence, it is important to avoid the ducts and keep the body dry from sweat. 

Compositional Advantages of Tacrolimus Salt

The sat is beneficial only for people suffering from the skin condition and prominently it is also advisable to use the cream as recommended.

  • It can help get rid of skin irritation.
  • Act as the barrier and stops the production of bacteria. 
  • Is beneficial for the skin condition of Atopic dermatitis.
  • Can also help in curing Vitiligo which is a white patch skin disease but will only slow down its growth. 
  • Helps in suppressing the immune reaction to the skin stimulus. 
  • Decrease the impact of inflammation.
  • Reduces irritation caused due to infection.

Application Guide of Tacrolimus Salt Ointment

One is required to apply the ointment as per the instruction of the doctor only. It is advised not to the water while using the cream. The duration and the usage totally depend on the clinician’s advice, we do not recommend the use of the salt without consultation.


1. Effective In Vitiligo
2. Effective For Sensitive Skin Such As Face
3. No Skin Thinning, Unlike Topical Corticosteroids.

Side effects of Tacrolimus Salt

There are some of the side effects of salt too which are mentioned below.

  • Can cause redness.
  • Skin can become flaky.
  • A burning sensation can occur.
  • Patches can occur too.
  • Can cause other effects if applies on the face and near the eyes.

Precautions for Tacrolimus Salt

There is some necessary persecution that one is required to take, as this will be beneficial for the production of the result.

  • Do not touch the skin with bare hands.
  • Try to avoid the dust.
  • Wash the clothes separately to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Before the application washes your hands first.
  • Dirty the skin immediately while there is the presence of sweat.


Keep the Tacrolimus Salt ointment stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Note – Tacrolimus Salt application is for external use only.

Disclaimer- We do not recommend the use of Tacrolimus Salt ointment until it is suggested by the doctor.

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