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Fusidic Acid 2% w/w Cream

Fusidic Acid 2% w/w salt is an antibiotic drug that initiates the benefits of treating skin infections. The cream is primarily known to offer the cure for the skin problems such as cellulitis which entities the appearance of swelling, minor redness, and sometimes the pain in the infected area. This can be applied on Infected cuts, burns due to oils or certain substances, boils, abrasions, wounds, ulcers, graze, abscesses, spots, and carbuncles which are clusters of boils. This treats impetigo also that are noticed as the weeping, crusty, and swollen patch of skin Further, it is also beneficial for infected eczema, and infected contact dermatitis which is an inflammation of the skin.

The Fusidic Acid 2% is a salt that initiates a barrier between the skin and the bacteria. It performs its functions by reducing the protein contact of the bacteria thereby reducing their count and offering relief to the person. It forms a clear layer on the cells which indicated the reduction in bacteria growth. It kills the bacteria and maintains the skin texture. It destroys the immunization of the bacteria cells and provides an aid of treatment.

The Fusidic Acid 2% salt requires the protection of precaution for better results. The important precaution is, the application of the cream needed to be done in an appropriate amount, try to avoid any moisture on the skin, and do not use any oil as it may result in bacterial growth due to the sticking of dust on the wound. There are some side effects of the salt cream too such as skin rash, irritation, and patch development. Kindly use it only under external circumstances and avoid using it if there is excessive inflammation after the use. This is need to be stored in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight.

Use of  Fusidic Acid 2% Salt

The benefit of the cream is described below. Kindly note that the benefit of the aid will be offered only after regular precaution as guidance from a reputed clinician.

  • It benefits against skin diseases.
  • It reduces the clusters of the boil.
  • Benefits against abrasions.
  • Can be applied to wounds.
  • An ideal antibacterial agent.
  • Rapidly kills bacterial pathogens.
  • It is for primary & secondary infections.
  • This is a potent steroid with minimal incidences of side effects.

Indication of Fusidic Acid 2% Salt

  • Folliculitis 
  • Furuncle 
  • Carbuncle
  • Impetigo
  • Cellulitis
  • Bacterial Dermatitis

Precaution with Fusidic Acid 2% Cream

The important precautions with the use of this cream are mentioned below. Note that these will benefit in reducing side effects.

  • Apply the cream with clean hands.
  • Keep the skin clean.
  • The use of any moisturizer is prohibited.
  • Do not apply oils on the skin.
  • Before applying it to the wounds, consult the doctor.

Side Effects of Fusidic Acid 2% Cream

The reported side effects are

  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Patch formation
  • Inflammation
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