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BRAND NAME: Foligrow-Plus

COMPOSITION: Hair Growth Serum


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Hair Growth Serum – Made with high-quality extracts, this amazing Hair Growth Serum is delivered by Cosmederma Remedies by the brand name Foligrow-Plus. It helps the users to provide a lustrous and shiny appearance to their hairs. The usage of this serum has resulted in the treatment of dry and frizzy hairs and makes them shiny, beautiful, and manageable. It is recommended to those patients who are suffering from issues such as hair loss, dry and frizzy hairs, or who have unmanageable hairs, etc.

This Hair Growth Serum by Cosmederma Remedies works by providing a protective layer to the hairs. It lines the hair with a protective coat that prevents hair damage caused because of environmental changes, pollution, styling products, tools, and humidity, etc. It is enriched with a UV protection formula that helps to protect the hairs from harmful UV rays. It should be applied to the hairs. Start from the ends and apply till the mid of the hairs. Make sure to avoid any contact with your scalp and it will appear to be greasy and oily.

Benefits of Hair Growth Serum

The usage of this serum will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Control frizzy hairs.
  2. Provide shinning.
  3. Helps to maintain hair straightness and curls.
  4. Detangles hairs.
  5. Smoothens hairs.
  6. Act as a protective layer for hairs against pollution.
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