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Lamovate MX

Cram in 15gms Lami Tube
The combination of Clobetasol Propionate, Gentamicin, Tolnaftate, Clotrimazole, and Iodochlorhydroxyquin is not a standard or commonly prescribed medication in dermatology. It appears to be a combination of various active ingredients with different properties, some of which are used to treat different types of skin conditions.

Let’s briefly look at each component:

Clobetasol Propionate: As mentioned earlier, Clobetasol Propionate is a potent corticosteroid with strong anti-inflammatory properties, used for the management of various inflammatory skin conditions.

Gentamicin: Gentamicin is an antibiotic from the aminoglycoside class, used to treat bacterial infections. It is not commonly used for skin conditions in combination with Clobetasol Propionate.

Tolnaftate: Tolnaftate is an antifungal medication used to treat fungal skin infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Clotrimazole: Clotrimazole is another antifungal medication used for the treatment of fungal skin infections, including yeast infections.

Iodochlorhydroxyquin: Iodochlorhydroxyquin is an antifungal and antibacterial agent.

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