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10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India – Are you struggling with excessive oil production on the skin? Want to deal with excess oil? You can’t pick products off the bat. That’s why you are here! Daily life events and the environment strip the skin of the nourishment and moisture it needs. It leads to oily skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin, acne flare-up, and what not! Dermatologists say one should use a cream/moisturizer based on the skin type. However, for women/men with oily skin, it becomes a little bit nervy selecting a face cream. Today, in this write-up, we will discuss the 10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India.

If you have oily skin, you might have thought you don’t need a cream/moisturizer. In brief, savings! But these savings can make your skin look dull and flawed. If you are a newbie, it’s best to opt for the options that are oil-free, lightweight, and – even better – non-comedogenic face creams. There are plenty of ingredients that are helpful for oily skins. Read on the blog t know those deets, learn more about hydrating your skin safely, and check out our roundup of the 10 Best Face Creams for Oily Skin in India.

10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India

List of 10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India | Best Products

We have compiled the best list of top 10 creams for oily skin in India, considering numerous factors in mind. The products in this list are approved by higher authorities for use and many studies have been established on these face creams. For more details, go through the list.

#1 Scarlite

The most demanded product by women with oily skin in India, Scarlite is infused with Allium Cepa, Allantoin, and Heparin. This face cream is considered the perfect option for oily skin. If you have wasted your money on expensive products. Try Scarlite for soft and supple skin.

#2 Face Glow

Face Glow holds the second position in the list of 10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India. With the goodness of Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Vitamin, and Octinoxate, the cream helps women to get a clearer, more young-looking, and suitable moisturizer for oily skin.

#3 Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser

It is one of the Best Face Cream/moisturizers for Oily Skin in India, which is extremely popular throughout the world. If you are looking for an oil-free Moisturiser, probably, it would be the best option for you. This face Moisturiser gives your skin a non-greasy look without clogging pores.

#4 FabIndia Vitamin E

A special moisturizer for women with oily skin, which is extremely lightweight and seeps into the skin giving you a non-shiny look. It contains potent ingredients, including Vitamin E, aloe vera, jojoba oil,  grape seed extract, lactic acid, etc. All these ingredients are known to be anodynes to the skin.

#5 Natio Acne Clear & Protect Cream

This cream appears in the list of 10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India as it effectively prevents acne, soothes skin, and gives an individual a matte look. Infused with Tamanu and Neem Leaf extracts, cornstarch, Chamomile and Aloe calm, Mineral Pigments, etc. All these ingredients make Natio Acne Clear & Protect Cream, an effective moisturizer for oily skin.

#6 SkinMedica: Ultra Sheer Moisturizer

Another option for people with oily skin can go for this Ultra Sheer Moisturizer by SkinMedica. It is loaded with vitamin C & E that works simultaneously to offset free radicals from the environment. SkinMedica: Ultra Sheer Moisturizer is well-known for protecting and reducing new UV damage. Also, it has HA.


One of the best water-based creams that are oil-free with an anti-aging effect. It is infused with potent botanicals and skin-enhancing Japanese nutrients. The brand says its Japanese wild rose function to smooth texture and tighten pores. It’s the best cream for natural skin turnover.

#8 Plum: Green Tea – Mattifying Moisturizer

Specially curated for people with oily skin, Plum: Green Tea – Mattifying Moisturizer is the best option available right now in the market. It has been made with hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients, including Glycolic Acid and Green Tea. These ingredients of this moisturizer help you reveal younger-looking skin and smoother skin.

#9 Kaya Purifying Nourisher

Kaya Purifying Nourisher is another best Indian face moisturizer for oily skin. Kaya Purifying Nourisher contains Aloe vera as the main ingredient. With its calming factor, it keeps skin irritation and many skin-related problems at bay. Also, it provides great lubrication. Additionally, this skin moisturizer for oily skin accompanies Rose extracts, Almond oil, and Sodium PCA, which keep your skin smooth, supple, and replenished.

#10 Mama Earth: Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

The best paraben-free moisturizer for oily skin is Mama Earth: Oil-Free Face Moisturizer. It contains a pH level of the skin (thanks to Cetearyl Octanoate and apple cider vinegar). This moisturizer elevates the moisture-binding capacity of the skin.

On the Final Note

Approved by the top dermatologists, above is the best list of 10 Best Face Cream for Oily Skin in India. After using these creams/moisturizers, you can say goodbye to the worries you have about your oily skin. Make your skin look supple and soft. All these products are affordable, reliable, and safe for your skin.

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