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Antifungal Cream Manufacturers in India – Antifungal Creams are the finest solution to treat a wide variety of fungal infections of the skin with minimal risks of side effects. Ringworm, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, Vaginal Yeast Infections, etc. are among the most common fungal infections. The ascending prevalence of such fungal infections is one of the fundamental factors propelling the pharmaceutical market. Cosmederma Remedies, the Top Third Party Antifungal Cream Manufacturer in India is precisely managing to satisfy people’s requirements by bringing out superior quality Antifungal Creams.

Cosmederma Remedies is a quality-driven dermatology company that holds its head high in providing high-quality general, derma, and cosmetic products to people across the country. The diverse compositions formulated by the company cover almost all therapeutic segments that are designed with the united efforts of leading skin specialists and dermatologists. Being one of the Best Antifungal Cream Manufacturers in India, we utilize first-rate technology and advanced methodologies for the unparalleled manufacturing of products.

Pick up the best quality antifungal creams for your own business in the dermatology sector offered by Cosmederma Remedies at the most genuine prices. To know more, call us at +91-9872219010 or email us at

Cosmederma Remedies – Best Antifungal Cream Manufacturers in India

Cosmederma Remedies has established itself as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of premium quality dermatology medicines. The company is vigorously involved in the business of manufacturing innovative and efficient skincare therapies that indicates quality and purity. We have a well-established transportation system that guarantees the on-time supply of medications across all regions. Our customer-oriented approach, excellent quality standards, vast distribution network, and clear-cut dealings allow us to flourishingly fulfill the demands of all our clients and customers.

Have a sight of the profound expertise of Cosmederma Remedies:

  1. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing plants under WHO-GMP permits.
  2. We deliver DCGI and FSSAI-approved derma products.
  3. The company has strong tie-ups with the country’s leading logistics personnel.

Top Quality Antifungal Creams Produced under Systematic Manufacturing Arrangements

Cosmederma Remedies is a leading brand name in the dermatology sector that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of derma products that are considered best in terms of quality and efficacy. The company never compromises the quality of its formulations and makes sure to deliver its products only after subjecting them to clinical tests.

As we are known as the Top Third Party Antifungal Cream Manufacturer in India, we produce our high-quality antifungal creams in leading-edge manufacturing facilities including Gas Chromatography, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometers, etc. Our top-quality antifungal creams are widely popular in the market due to their uniqueness and effectiveness.

The antifungal creams manufactured by Cosmederma Remedies include the following:

  1. Ebnol – Eberconazole 1% w/w Cream
  2. Ebnol M – Eberconazole & Mometasone Cream
  3. Fenis – Amrolfine 0.25% w/w Cream
  4. Lamovate – Clobetasole Propionate .05% w/w Cream
  5. Lamovate NM – Clobetasole 0.05% w/w + Neomycin 0.5% w/w + Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w Cream
  6. Lamovate S – Clobetasole Propionate .05% w/w+ Salicylic Acid 6% w/w Cream
  7. Luzil – Luliconazole 1% Cream
  8. Sertacare – Sertaconazole 2% Cream
  9. Servoderma – Ofloxaxcin,Ornidazole, Itraconazole & Clobetasol Propionate Cream
  10. Servospore – Itraconazole 1.00% w/w Gel
  11. Terbinex – Terbinafine 1% w/w Cream
  12. Terbinex M – Terbinafine 1% w/w, Mometasone 0.1% w/w Cream

Elite Infrastrutural Facilities for Third Party Manufacturing

Cosmederma Remedies is a well-managed firm that believes infrastructure is the backbone of its expertise. The company has managed to sustain excellent manufacturing and infrastructural facilities. Our production units allow us to enhance our adequacy and carry out bulk production of antifungal creams in a standardized manner. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is spread over a wide area that is well-supervised by leading experts and skin professionals.

Highlights of our infrastructural arrangements:

  1. Our production houses are deep-rooted with modern resources and machinery.
  2. Well-integrated storage and supply management system for different drug segments.
  3. Separate R&D and QC labs wherein quality tests are managed.

Run your Impeccable Business by Taking Rich Quality Antifungal Creams from Cosmederma Remedies

Cosmederma Remedies has emerged as one of the most reputable Antifungal Cream Manufacturers in India that works by providing a guarantee to deliver highly effective and unique skincare solutions. The company has been serving its incomparable third party manufacturing services to a large number of pharmaceutical players, small pharma companies, medium-scaled companies, and big pharma brands all over India. We strive to make the activity of outsourcing easy and elastic for our partners by being their supportive hand in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Choosing us to get access to high-end quality antifungal creams will arise as a boon for you as you will get the following benefits:

  1. All your products will be delivered on time without any delay.
  2. You will get a genuine quality antifungal cream range in a bulk.
  3. The company will offer mutually beneficial deals.
  4. There will be a decent cost on manufacturing services.

If you want to stretch out your business reach all around the country and want to get a hold of the best quality antifungal creams, then connect with one of the Best Antifungal Cream Manufacturers in India, Cosmederma Remedies.

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