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We at Cosmederma Remedies manufactures and supplies the best quality derma and skin care soaps range. We manufacture our every derma medication with the excellent quality of raw material and natural chemicals which results positive on the skin. We shape our every derma soap and skin products as per the guidelines of GMP and WHO. Our pharma company have different derma soap range and medicines covering anti-fungal, anti-inflammation, antibiotic, anti-protozoa etc.

A Promise for Side Effect Free Derma Soap Range

Our derma soap formulations are made from fats and an alkali. Our famous antibacterial soap is a synthetic soap for killing germs and bacteria with added antibacterial ingredients. We also have skin cleaning soaps that come in different forms-liquid, scrub, or bar-and address skin issues beyond dirt removal. Our moisturizing soap can help your dry skin without affecting the natural oils of your skin.

The Finest Grade Active Ingredients and Natural Extracts for Derma Soaps

We, Cosmederma Remedies understand the importance of skin. Therefore, we use the finest and high-grade natural ingredients and extracts to shape our Derma soap range. With our chemical compositions, we filling lives our derma soaps, which helps your skin to live more.
• Aloevera +Vitamin -E + Glycerin Soap
• Ketoconazole 2% w/v Soap (Anti-Fungal Soap)
• Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap (Effecive remedy for scabies)
• Glycerin, Papaya, Honey,Vitamin E
• Kojic Acid + Vitamin E (For Skin Whitening, Depigmentation & Anti-Ageing)
• Aloevera +Vitamin -E + Glycerin, Olive oil, Jojoba oil (For Soft & Smooth Skin)
• Tea tree Oil, Clove oil & Vitamin E (Anti Acne Soap)
• Charcoal Soap (For Deep Cleansing)

Advantages of using the Best Quality Derma Soap

• Gives the silky feeling luster with softness.
• Cleans and protects your scalp from Dandruff.
• Gives hygienic washing by maintaining a balance of moisture.
• The skin is effectively thoroughly cleansed without damaging its natural moisture.
• Wash out the skin’s harmful pollution toxins gently. Makes your skin cool and fresh.
• Gives an excellent conditioner that gives roots strength and protects against hair loss and breakage.

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