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Ketoraz Soap 75gm

Ketoconazole 2% w/v Soap (Anti Fungal Soap)

Packing 75gms

Ketoconazole Soap – Ketoconazole Soap, an antifungal soap is used to treat fungal infections of the skin caused by a fungus which includes jock itch (red and itchy rashes on groin and inner thighs), athlete’s foot (infections on the toes), pityriasis (skin rash that causes scaly or discolored patches on arms, legs, chest, and waist), ringworm, and seborrheic dermatitis (dry and flaky skin on the ears, chest, face, upper back, and scalp). This soap is available at the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Derma Range, Cosmederma Remedies with the name Ketoraz.

The fungal cell membranes are important for the survival of the fungus on the skin as they prevent the passage of unwanted substances into the cells and restrict the leakage of unwanted cells. Ketoconazole constrains the formation of the essential component of the fungal cell membrane. It causes holes in the fungal cell membranes. It affects the structure of the fungus which ultimately results in death of the fungus. Thus, this soap provides relief from burning, cracking, itching, and scaling of the skin caused by the infections.

To use this soap in a proper manner, wash and dry the infected area of the skin. Apply this soap to the affected area and the surrounding skin and gently rub it. Avoid contact with soap on the eyes, nose, and mouth. In case it comes into contact with these areas, rinse it with water thoroughly. It can be risky if the usage of the soap exceeds more than the recommended duration. Therefore, use it as per the recommendation of the doctor or dermatologist.

One must talk to the doctor if he experiences any sort of skin allergies after the application of this soap. It is not recommended to use this soap if there are cuts, wounds, burns, or aberrations on the skin. Avoid using it for a prolonged time if there is no improvement in the condition and speak up to the doctor. Inform the doctor straight away if conditions like severe irritation, reddening, blistering, or peeling of the skin arise after the application of the soap.

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