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Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap ( Effecive remedy for scabies)

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Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap by Cosmoderma is one of the effective soaps for many skin problems including fungal infection, pimples, body acne, parasite interaction on the skin, and many more such skin diseases that can affect one’s lifestyle.

This soap contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation, its antibacterial properties treat many skin infections and its soothing properties make the skin texture soft by reducing dryness. This soap also specializes in the ingredients that make the skin less itchy.

The medicated soap contains extracts of neem oil and glycerin that make it the best. Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap helps in maintaining smooth skin by clearing all the impurities transferred to the skin by pollution. The anti-bacterial bar accelerates the healing process of psoriasis.

Key ingredients benefits of Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

The premium quality soap is created with those essential ingredients that work best for all the skin problems that affect the person.

  • Permethrin
    Permethrin is the best solution to treat all skin-related problems. Mainly the use of permethrin is for the treatment of scabies. Scabies cause an intense amount of itching on the person’s body which actually gets worse with bedtime. This salt acts as that safeguard which makes the skin feel better after the first use only.
  • Glycerin
    It is rich in properties that make the skin moisturize naturally by providing an intense amount of relief from the itchiness that makes the skin dry. The antimicrobial properties protect the skin from the attack of microorganisms.
  • Neem Oil
    The benefits of neem for the skin are endless, it prevents the skin from getting infected by all bacteria by providing a barrier. The Vitamin C present in neem promotes the natural creation of collagen thereby providing a great number of antioxidants to the skin.

Precautionary guidelines for Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

One must follow the necessary precautions to avoid skin infections from growing while using this medicated soap.

  • While using the soap one must take extra care of the skin by not letting it expose too much to heat and dust pollutants.
  • If there are some visible signs of the growth of new allergies, one must get themselves checked by a dermatologist immediately.
  • The soap will show the desired results only with the correct usage.
  • If you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients then it is a suggestion to discontinue the use and let your doctor know.
  • Do not use soap on the face as it may be reactive on the sensitive skin of the face.
  • The product is not for the use of children.
  • If the soap goes inside the eyes, wash immediately with cold water and get yourself checked if the redness begins.

Side effects of Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

There might be certain side effects that come with the usage of Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

  • People may develop a skin rash.
  • If the soap doesn’t suit you it will cause itchiness on the skin.
  • There are chances of the development of small acne which will be normal.
  • The use of soap without any skin infection may lead to several allergies that will definitely have adverse effects.
  • If used on the face, it can cause skin redness.

Note –  Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap is for the use of external purposes only.

Caution – This is a medicated soap and is not recommended for the use of children.

Frequently Asked Questions for Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap

Question 1. How long will the Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap break to
show the desired results?

Answer 1. The results will vary on the condition of the severity of the skin infection only.

Question 2. Is Permethrin + Glycerin + Neem Oil Soap safe to use?

Answer 2. Yes, this soap is dermatologically tested and is entirely safe to use.

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