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Eberconazole & Mometasone Cream

Eberconazole Mometasone cream is an anti-fungal cream used to treat fungal and yeast skin infections. Fungal skin infections are caused by fungus. It can be of different forms- athlete’s foot, ringworm, or Candidiasis. These infections may or may not be contagious depending on the type.

There are certain symptoms that are common to all types of fungal infections. These include redness of the skin, scaling and itching, swelling, and skin redness.

Eberconazole Mometasone cream is a combination of two medications- eberconazole and Mometasone. Eberconazole inhibits the formation of fungal wall covering which leads to the stoppage of their growth whereas Mometasone prevents the release of chemicals that cause inflammation and redness at the infected site.

Directions for Use

Eberconazole Mometasone cream is used only for external purposes. Clean the affected area and thoroughly dry it before applying. Apply the cream to the affected region usually twice a day or as directed by your doctor. Do not overuse this medication as it may lead to an increased risk of side effects. Do not discontinue its use until the doctor suggests the same. This may cause the fungus to regrow and increase the risk of infection relapse.

In case of accidental contact with the eyes mouth or nose, immediately rinse with water. Contact your doctor for more details on the usage.

Detailed Precautions and Drug Warnings

  1. Inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the contents of the medication. It may contain inactive ingredients which may trigger allergies.
  2. Tell your doctor if you suffer from health conditions like glaucoma, diabetes, liver or kidney disorder, or adrenal gland disease.
  3. Do not wrap the affected area with a bandage or cloth until the doctor has advised so. This may lead to the spread of infection.
  4. Use this medication cautiously in children with reference to the doctor’s prescription.
  5. Inform your doctor before using Eberconazole mometasone cream if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and breastfeeding.

Side Effects of Eberconazole Mometasone Cream

Certain side effects may occur while using this medication. most of them are self-cured as the body adjusts to the medicines whereas others may require medical attention from the doctor. These include

  • Burning sensation on the affected area
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Irritation

Consult your doctor if these side effects last longer and make the condition worst.

Drug Interactions

  1. Drug- Food interactions: No relations have been yet established
  2. Drug-Disease Interactions: Eberconazole Mometasone cream can have interactions with diaper rash, diabetes, or adrenal disorders.
  3. Drug-Drug interactions: No interactions have been found/ established.

Lifestyle and Dietary Suggestions

  • Do not apply this medication on cuts or wounds.
  • Avoid the sharing of personal articles such as comb, towels, bed sheets, socks, or shoes with others.
  • Avoid walking barefoot at wet places where fungi are likely to occur such as gym showers or changing rooms
  • Change your shoes and socks. Do not use shoes that make you hot and sweaty.
  • Wash your socks and shoes regularly to prevent fungal infections.
  • Some fungal infections are contagious. Avoid getting close to anyone who is suffering from a fungal infection already.
  • Consume foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B. These include olives, black currents, broccoli, oranges, limes, eggs, milk, green vegetables, and chickpeas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eberconazole Mometasone cream

Question: Can I use this cream to treat blisters?

Answer: Eberconazole mometasone cream is used as an anti-fungal to treat fungal infections. If the blisters have occurred as a symptom of fungal infection, then you can apply it. For more details, consult your doctor.

Question: Should we cover the affected with band-aids to promote quicker healing?

Answer: Do not wrap the infected area with bandages or cloth until the doctor has prescribed so. This may lead to the spreading of the infection.

Question: Which class does Mometasone belong to?

Answer: Mometasone belongs to the category of steroids and reduces itchiness and inflammation.

Question: Is it safe to use this cream on children?

Answer: Eberconazole mometasone cream should be used cautiously in children with reference to the doctor’s prescription.

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