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Clobetasole 0.05% w/w + Neomycin 0.5% w/w + Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w cream

Clobetasol 0.05% w/w + Neomycin 0.5% w/w + Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w Skin Cream manufactured by the Cosmoderma belongs to the group of ointments that helps in the treatment of skin infections caused by the fungus, yeast and the bacterias caused especially by the sweat development. The aid treats the infection in the most possible way as it contains those ingredients which work by reducing the number of the infected cells thereby providing a protective layer to the cells of the skin, hence will result in the reduction of the bacteria. 

Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream comes under the category of antiinfectives, and the aid of this class specializes in the treatment of redness, swelling, and rashes too. Using the ointment in the most appropriate manner is necessary as the drug may also contain the properties of steroids which may cause some effects which will not be very much beneficial to the health therefore precautions are very much required to follow such as not touching the infected part of the skin with bare hands especially with the unclean one, using the cream as indicated and consultation with the doctor on the regular basis is mandatory.

With every use of Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream, there are some changes one may notice, such as inflammation, burning sensation, itchiness, and moreover redness. These changes are termed side effects and these are very common but if any of the serious issues occur, a consultation with the doctor is necessary. The pharmaceutical drug is not for the use of children and also the required amount of the dose must be applied. Applying the cream on the face must not be beneficial hence avoid it. 

Composition of Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream

The active components used in the production of the ointment are Clobetasol; Neomycin and Miconazole Nitrate. Each of the ingredients benefits the skin in its own manner. 


The salt used in the quantity of 0.05% w/w belongs to the category of corticosteroids which is a steroid. All it does is decrease the production of prostaglandins which are known as chemical messenger which is responsible for the occurrence of skin infections. 


Used in a quantity of 0.5% w/w is an antibiotic that helps in the reduction of the growth of bacteria. When this is provided to the infected skin, it kills the bacteria in the most possible and intense manner.

Miconazole Nitrate

The quantity is 2% w/w which is the most among both the salts. It is because its work of it is to only kill the fungus cells which multiply in numbers in large quantities affecting the parts of the skin. 

All the ingredients provide benefits to the skin when applied in the limited and suggested quantity.


  • Inflammatory skin Disorders
  • Ringworm And Jock Itch
  • Yeast Infection on the Skin
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Medicinal Benefits of Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream

The ointment benefits the person in the most possible manner.

  • Reduces the number of infected cells.
  • Provides a protective layer on the membrane of the skin.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Clear the infection.
  • Synthetic corticosteroids are used to decrease inflammation in the skin.
  • Reduces inflammation and relieves the itch.
  • An Antibiotic of the aminoglycoside type is used to treat infections with bacteria.
  • Used to treat infected inflammatory skin disease.
  • Fights fungal infections.

Precaution with Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream

  • There are some necessary precautions that are required by b the person to follow.
  • Do not touch the skin with dirty hands.
  • Try to avoid nylon clothes.
  • Clean the sweat immediately.
  • Use the mediation properly.
  • Wash your hands after the application.

Side Effects of Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream

There are some side effects too.

  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Rash development


Keep the Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream in a cool and dry place only away from sunlight.

Note – Clobetasol + Neomycin +  Miconazole Nitrate Skin Cream is for external use only.

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