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Best Moisturizers for Winter in India- The arrival of winter changes the skin. It is a time when your skin requires extra care.  Our skin is made with cells that lose the natural moisturizing tendency during the winter season. The environment is dry and it gives you a chance to make a legitimate deal with your skin thereby offering it nourishment through moisturizers.

Out of all skin, the face is the most sensitive and thus it loses its natural oils often. This also results in the breakage of the skin’s barriers. Using the intensified winter moisturizer can bring your skin back to life. We have curated a list of the Best Moisturizers for Winter in India that are affordable and can be applied to every skin type.

Best Moisturizers for Winter in India

Cosmederma Remedies is a known dermatology brand that strives the collect skin care. Today we bring you our vitalising range of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India. These are in demand and can heal skin dryness with instances.

List of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India

When you touch your skin, it is important that you feel nice about it. In winter this can only happen when using the Best Moisturizers for Winter in India.

  1. Calasilk Moisturizer
  2. Calasilk Multi-Benefit Lotion
  3. Elorax Cream
  4. Elvimoist Cream
  5. Elvimoist Soft  Cream
  6. Elvimoist Lotion
  7. Silkyderm Lotion
  8. Mysoft Lotion

Calasilk Moisturizer

Calasilk Moisturizer is one of the Best Moisturizers for Winter in India. It is composed using Calamine Powder, Aloe Vera Extract, and Light Liquid Parfine Lotion.

This is a multi-benefit hydrating light moisturizer that has quick healing properties. It absorbs the skin and nourishes it deeply. The lotion is suitable for every skin type. The application provides a shine and it also fights the early signs of aging and wrinkles.

Calasilk Multi-Benefit Lotion

Calasilk multi-benefit lotion has the skin’s barrier-repairing properties. This is among the Best Moisturizers for Winter in India because of the goodness of Calamine 8% w/v, Aloe vera Gel 10% w/v, and Light liquid Paraffin 10% w/v contents.

It is worth using because it mentions high moisturizing properties with a quick fix of dryness in the bone-chilling winters. It also tones the skin and offers relief from itching, irritation, and the discomfort of winter on the skin.

Elorax Cream

Elorax Cream attained a third spot on the list of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India. It is made using Aloe vera, Vitamin A, and vitamin E.

The cream offers protection by treating inflammation which is very natural in the winter season. It deeply nourishes the skin and maintains the pH level. If you are facing the problems of fine lines and wrinkles, using the cream twice a day will show positive results in less than 3 weeks.

Elvimoist Cream

Made with the qualities of Urea 10 %, Lactic Acid 10%, Propylene Glycol 10 %, and Light Liquid Paraffin this is a repairing moisturizer that provides stable results.

Attaining a position among the top Best Moisturizers for Winter in India, Elvimoist Cream has the potential to reduce dryness from maximum to minimum. People above the age group of 18 years and above are recommended to use it.

Elvimoist Soft  Cream

Another winter cream offered by Cosmederms Remedies listed in Best Moisturizers for Winter in India is Elvimoist Soft Cream.

This is a dermatologist test skin cream made with  Light Soft Paraffin 13.2 %, and Light Liquid Paraffin 10.2 % Lotion. It treats general skin health along with Atopic Dermatitis. These creams can be applied by both, men and women. Use it to treat skin’s cracks.

Elvimoist Lotion

Elvimoist Lotion protects the person from health issues related to skin. In winter these creams can reduce dryness, make your skin feel nourished, and offer strength to it by promoting cell growth.

This is among the list of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India as it promotes skin healing properties. The lotion not only benefits the skin’s irritation but also protects from the acne breakouts.

Silkyderm Lotion

The list of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India also consists of the Silkyderm Lotion. It is a Curative Moisturizer and sheener Lotion that is best known for the maintenance of hydration levels of the skin. It deeply nourishes the skin and offers a treatment against acne, dark spots, and pigmentation, and its non-greedy formula gives a dewy look to your skin.

Mysoft Lotion

Mysoft Lotions presented in the list of Best Moisturizers for Winter in India is made using the quality ingredients such as Allantoin, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil,  Green Tea Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Light Liquid Paraffin. It has intensive moisturizing properties to heal the skin.


Healing dry skin is a lot easier with the use of these Best Moisturizers for Winter in India by Cosmederma Remedies. We suggest you use these at least twice a day for the better results. Skin is sensitive and thus requires more care. Our recommendation of these moisturizers will indeed offer you the benefits if used as per the advice of your dermatologist.

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