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Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab –  The product shapes the destiny of the Pharmaceutical company in the market. Well, being a Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab, we make sure that we produce quality product along with distinctive combination to beat the high competition in the market. There are several opponents who are selling the same products. But we try to bring always some thing different and new to sabotaged them from the race of  competition. At Cosmederma Remedies, we experiment with the compositions and formulations to deliver quality approved and effective product in the market.

Link up with Cosmederma Remedies for Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab to get best manufacturing pharma products and enhance the marketing of your Franchise Company. It is a lucrative business opportunity to grow in the industry and take your business venture in a new direction.To know more about our extensive product range and other business information then do not hesitate to contact us. Dial our number +91 9875921201 or you may send us an email on the address

Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab

Outlook of the Dermatological Drug Market 

The skincare industry can never go out of the business. The Derma industry is now considered as the new ruler of the pharmaceutival industry. The climatic condistions, increase in pollution level, unhealthy habits, less consumption of water leads to rise in skin care problems which results in mounting in the demand of derma range products.

The global Dermatology market is supposed to be worth $33.7 Billion by the end of the year 2022. It has been determined that the dermacare industry will grow at CAGR of 6.5% from 2014 to 2019. By looking at the statistics, these figures are truely describe the bright future of the derma industry with lots of opportunities.

Tie-Up with the Cardinal Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab

Cosmederma Remedies is the master player in the Third Party Pharma Manufacturing sector. The ISO, GMP-WHO certfied company is highly involved in the production of the pharnmaceutical products. We provide affirdable range of manufacturing facilities along with 100% quality assurance of the products. We strictly follow all the quality standards to maintain the quality through out the manufacturing phase till its delivery in the market.

  1. We have an enormous distribution network who highly appreciate and recommend our services to other pharma companies.
  2. We believe that the success of the pharma franchise company depends upon its production of its product.
  3. The composition, raw material of the product and the way of representation etc all these factors play a very important role in it.
  4. You can rely on our manufacturing services.
  5. We are serving the mankind through our quality derma range products from more than a decade. 

Scope of Derma Third Party Manufacturer in Punjab

The expansion of the pharmaceutical industry ihas created so many growing opportunities. Talking about the Punjab’s scenario in terms of te pharmaceutical industry then the governmnet of the state is working in this direction to make Mohali as a pharmaceutical hub to gain the attention of th key players of the industry. Many investors are willing to invest in this profitable and productive business sector to own a pharma business venture. There are many great possibilities for a triumphant business venture in Punjab. We are available in all the major locations of Punjab such as Mohali, Amritsar, Bhatinda, Ludhiana to deliver our manufacturing services.

Cosmederma Remedies Covers All the Derma Range Product Categories

You can highly trustt on our manufactured products as they are approved by the DCGI and FSSAI quality authorities. Our product portfolio is vigorous enough to cure all types of skin ailments to provide relief to our customers. All the quality assurance details regarding the product are provided with the product to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. We understand that when it comes to skin care products, every individual get more concern with the product. Trust us for our products, you would not be feel disappointment once you used them.

  • Acne Preparations (Topical)
  • Antibacterial Range
  • Antihistamines (Oral)
  • Penicillins (Oral)
  • Sunscreens
  • Antiseptic
  • Emulsifying Ointment
  • Steroids (Oral & Topical)
  • Antifungal Preparations or Fungicide (Topical & Oral)

Know Which Salient Features Make Us the Best in Punjab

Cosmederma Remedies is counted among the best manufacturing and supplying facilities in the pharmaceutical industry. We try to maintain our quality standards through out the manufacturing phase and make sure to approach professionally in every step. So, here are the characteristics which distinguish our identity from the others and make us the best in the market.

  • We perform all the manufacturing process in excise duty free zones.
  • It is very important to must take care about the hygiene.
  • We have well equipped and ventilated plants.
  • The manufacturing unit is approved by GMP-WHO authorities.
  • Team of well skilled and experienced experts who positively shape the company.
  • All the latest and advance technologies which are available in the market, we have in our manufacturing plant.
  • 100% pure raw material is used in the manufacturing process and is driven by the trusted and known sources.
  • Very fast and wide network of transportation to deliver all the stock on time.

Contact Information 

Name: Cosmederma Remedies

Address: SCF No. 246, Motor Market, Manimajra 

 State, Chandigarh

Phone No: +91 9875921201

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