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6 Best Antifungal Creams in India – With the growing fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, skin fungal infections, ringworms, yeast infections, etc., the demand for Antifungal medicines has also increased in the Indian market. These infections cannot be ignored as they can get severe and cause embarrassment and trouble at the same time. Although, you can use over-the-counter available pills to cure these infections few people prefer creams over tablets. If you are among those who prefer Creams and want to know about the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India, then this is the right place.

Skin infections are not new to people. To cure these issues one needs to take the help of a good quality anti-fungal cream. Antifungal creams are topical and can be applied directly to the infected area. It starts immediately by killing the infection-causing bacteria and providing relief from the fungal infection. But if you are taking these infections lightly, then you are inviting trouble for yourself. Through this write-up, we will let you know the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India.

What is Fungal Infection and Its Causes?

Fungal infections are troubling people for ages. Such types of infections are also known as mycoses. These are common issues that can lead to blisters, redness, itchiness, rashes, etc. These are harmful and reproduce themselves through small spores in the air. If you have a weak immune system, then there are chances that you can catch fungal infections very easily. Therefore, of your assistance, in this blog, we have listed the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India.

Causes of Fungal Infection:

  1. Unhygienic environment.
  2. Weak immune system.
  3. Yeasts dermatophytes.
  4. Poor hygiene.
  5. Hot and humid climate conditions.

Role of Antifungal Creams in Infection

Antifungal cream protects from fungal infections. These medicines treat and cure fungal infections by restricting their growth. They directly block the growth of the infection-causing fungi and eventually kill them. Such medicines are only used to treat and cure fungal infections. These medicines are used in almost every household in India. As per a recent study, there has been a 70% rise in the consumption of antifungal creams in the Indian domestic market. To name a few, we have listed the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India.

Role of Best Antifungal Creams in Infection:

  1. Helps fight fungal infections.
  2. Kills the infection-causing fungi.
  3. Provides relief from many types of infections.
  4. Provide immediate results with fewer side effects.

List of 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India

Whether you are suffering from a fungal infection or you are just curious to know about the best antifungal cream options available in the Indian market, we have your back. Well. Here are the top antifungal cream options available in India:

#1. Ebnol – Eberconazole 1% w/w Cream


With the powerful properties of Eberconazole 1% w/w Cream, Ebnol is one of the best Antifungal Creams in India. This cream is helpful in treating various types of infections caused by fungi.

It attacks directly on the infection-causing fungi, restricting their growth and eventually destroying them. It is recommended to apply this cream directly to the affected area to reap out the best result.


#2. Ebnol M – Eberconazole & Mometasone Cream

Eberconazole Mometasone

This antifungal cream is a combination of two medicines. Eberconazole & Mometasone Cream. Eberconazole belongs to the class of antifungal that blocks the fungi growth and restricts them to creating a protective covering.

Mometasone belongs to the class of steroids that restricts the inflammation, redness, and swelling-causing chemical messenger. Together they provide instant relief from fungal infections.


#3. Fenis – Amrolfine Cream 0.25% w/w

Amrolfine Cream 0.25% w/w

At number three in the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India is Amrolfine Cream 0.25% w/w. Available by the brand name Fenis, this topical cream is helpful in treating fungal infections of the skin and toenails.

It works by masking the infection-causing fungi growth and applying antiseptic action thereby killing the infection-causing harmful microorganisms. It is strictly recommended to apply this antifungal cream directly on the affected area making sure no contact with the mouth and eyes.


#4. LamovateClobetasole Propionate .05% w/w cream

Clobetasol, Salicylic Acid, Urea, and Lactic Acid Sodium Ointiment

Manufactured with the goodness of Clobetasole Propionate .05% w/w cream, this cream is helpful in treating a wide variety of infections and skin conditions. It lowers the inflammation, itchiness, redness, and swelling that can be caused because of infections.

It is a highly potent medicine that can cause side effects like site irritation, burning, redness, itching, thinning of the skin, etc. if not used properly. Clobetasol belongs to the group of steroids that functions by stopping the redness, swelling, and itchiness causing chemical messengers. Due to its powerful properties, it is among the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India.


#5. Luzil – Luliconazole 1% Cream

Luliconazole Cream

Luliconazole 1% Cream is one of the best medicines to treat fungal skin infections. It treats infection by killing the infection-causing fungi by breaking their cell membrane.

Its active agents cause burning sensations, dry skin, and blisters on the skin. It is available at Cosmederma Remedies with full quality assurance.


#6. Fuzilax BFusidic Acid 2% w/w + Beclomethasone Cream

Fusidic Acid 2% w/w + Beclomethasone Cream

With the goodness of Fusidic Acid 2% w/w + Beclomethasone Cream, Fuzilax B is one of the top antifungal creams available in the Indian market.

It is a combination of two medicines namely Fusidic Acid and Beclomethasone that work as the best agents to treat fungal infections. It stops the infection growth by blocking the release of essential proteins required by them to carry out operations.


Final Words                                                                           

These are the 6 Best Antifungal Creams in India that you can use to wipe out fungal infection from its roots. All these antifungal creams are available at Cosmederma Remedies. The company manufactures and supply the best quality Antifungal Creams.

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