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Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India – Medicated soaps help kill bacteria that cause infection and other skin conditions. These soaps are majorly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare centers to prevent the infections spread. The demand for medicated soap is high in India in India, with increasing awareness and per capita income. If you want to add medicated soap to your product portfolio, it’s worthwhile. Make your dream a reality by collaborating with one of the Best Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India.

Cosmederma Remedies is a leading dermatology company that has excelled in the manufacturing, supplying, and marketing of skincare products. It has been working in the derma sector for a long time. Thus, gained ins and outs of the field. Leveraging its sound knowledge and extensive experience, the company carries out bulk production of high-end medicated soaps. The company has gained the most recognition throughout the nation for delivering value to the patients. Hence, holds an important position among the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India.

Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India

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Associate with the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India

Cosmederma Remedies is a premier provider of high-quality skincare and dermatology medicines. We are located in Chandigarh and have operations throughout the country. With premium-quality raw ingredients, we manufacture top-notch quality derma products and supply them all across the nation. Through it, we have gained the trust of millions of consumers and improved access to complete healthcare for stakeholders, patients, and clients.

Key Highlights of Cosmederma Remedies:-

  • cGMP compliant manufacturing units
  • Uses biologically active raw ingredients
  • The exclusive dermatology product range
  • Contamination-free spacious warehouses
  • Backed by passionate workforce professionals

Therefore, the above listed are the salient features that make us the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India. Aside, we are well-known for our transparent dealings, core values, ingenuity, integrity, and many more things.

Comprehensive Medicated Soap Range of Cosmederma Remedies

With in-depth understanding and substantial experience, we formulate high-quality medicated soaps for people with various skin disorders. We have hired expert pharma scientists for the first-right-time formulation, which leads to faster approval. Through it, we have built a broad product portfolio that is appreciated by the top doctors, consumers, and clients. Moreover, our medicated soaps bear certification of authenticity from higher authorities, such as DCGI, FSSAI, etc.

Product Range of Cosmederma Remedies:-

  1. Ketoraz – Ketoconazole Soap
  2. Aclix – Allantion Vitamin E Tea Tree Oil Soap
  3. Elorax Soap – Aloevera Vitamin -E Glycerin Soap
  4. Lixofer Soap – Permethrin Glycerin Neem Oil Soap
  5. Merryglow – Bact – Tea tree Oil Clove oil & Vitamin E

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we carry out bulk production of medicated soap. Our strong capabilities have us the tag of the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturer in India. After collaborating with us,  you can earn handsome profits.

Quality Medicated Soap Manufacturing at Top Medicated Soap Manufacturer in India

To make a difference in the lives of people living with chronic skin disorders, Cosmederma Remedies manufactures a qualitative range of derma products. We manufacture high-end medicated soaps while adhering to the environmental protocol, applicable norms, and the latest guideline. In addition, we use premium-grade raw materials during production. Aside from that, we monitor the whole manufacturing process and have implemented the best quality control systems.

More Highlights of Quality Manufacturing:-

  • Use chemically tested quality ingredients
  • Monitor the whole manufacturing process
  • Adhere to the applicable norms and guidelines
  • Every product undergoes Rigorous quality tests
  • Weekly inspection of manufacturing machinery

For the best quality products, we ensure quality in every process along with efficiency. we have adopted the lean manufacturing metrology that makes us unique from others. Also, it makes us the leading Medicated Soap Manufacturer in India.

Work with an Expert Team of Cosmederma Remedies

For quality and smooth manufacturing of high-end derma medicines, we have hired people with a unique combination of skills, education, and expertise. We have a talent pool to develop and manufacture high-end derma medicines. Also, the skilled workforce works round the clock to ensure the timely delivery of projects. Aside from that, our dedicated team of professionals has devoted their professional careers to driving innovation across dermatology.

Team of Cosmederma Remedies Consists Of:-

  1. Chemical engineers
  2. Quality controllers
  3. Management personnel
  4. Warehouse and packaging staff
  5. Sales and marketing professionals

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy working with experts by collaborating with the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India. It’s a golden opportunity that can help you reach newer heights without working hard.

Advantages of Joining Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India

The benefits of holding the hands of the leading medicated soap manufacturing company in India are numerous. After joining us, you can enjoy hassle-free manufacturing and work on the vitals. In addition, you will get your orders at your doorstep on time. Aside from that, we ensure 100% stock availability through a huge warehousing facility.

Benefits of Joining Cosmederma Remedies:-

  • 24/7 customer support
  • On-time product delivery
  • Attractive product packaging
  • Year around stock availability
  • High-quality derma medicines

So, the advantages of collaborating with the Top Medicated Soap Manufacturers in India are many. If you want to enjoy the best benefits from the derma field, hold our hands. Following is our contact information, you can use it to reach us.

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Phone: +91-9872219010


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